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#01 - Lili Paul Roncalli

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Chatting with Lili, Ian touched on the subjects of her career and her latest fantastic success at the Let‘s Dance show. Talking about being part of the celebrated Paul family, who have been shaping the world of circus for decades, and living at Circus Roncalli gave Lilli the opportunity to review her already outstanding career and life together with the listeners.

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The focus for this podcast is to give listeners the chance to listen to prominent people in the Entertainment industry. The invited guests are involved in the Entertainment live show industry, talking about their lives, their goals and aspirations for their career and how they became to be so succesful in the live entertainment world. Going off topic will also be encouraged, as we say in English "you can 'Go Bananas' on this show - meaning that the invited guest will have the liberty to share their thoughts and views on a multitude of subjects. The goal is to let the listerners/viewers have an opportunity to get a deep dive into the real thoughts of the leading lights in live entertainment and understand the possible innovations and visions for the world of entertainment in the future.

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